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2003-12-06 15:28:53 (UTC)

BAH humbug!

christmas is driving me crazy this year...i dunno if its
jus that im older that im realizing how ridiculously this
holiday has gotten out of hand...or wut it is...but i just
dont understand ppl nemore! i mean christmas is about
giving right? thats wut ive been told all my
wut does it matter if someone whom you bought somethin for
is buying u sumthin? they could be in a different
financial situation or they jus didnt want to get u
something...the point is this.

yesterday while i was at work...i heard a lady talkin to
her daughter about how they bought for everyone last year
but not everyone bought for they decided they
werent goin to buy for everyone this year again. now of
course i understand the feeling of being used or
wutever...but come on! you give to give not give to get!
especially at christmas! what is wrong with this world wen
ppl give only wen they expect somthing in return...its
sad....really sad.

i kno wen i buy my friends gifts...i buy them something
for christmas based on the fact that i care about them
enough to think about them this christmas. im gettin them
sumthin cuz i love my friends and because they mean
somthin to me...not because i think im goin to get
somethin in return...ppl this is a terrible way to think!
dont go out and buy somthin because you feel obligated or
expect somthin in return. buy for those you love and keep
in mind that you may not get anythin in return...make
peace with that thought in ur mind and let the greedy
grinch part of you rest.

another thing ive noticed is that around christmas ppl
think of buying gifts as a chore...i find even MYSELF
feeling this way at times but wenever i feel this way i
try to force myself outta that mindset because otherwise i
get very agitated and grouchy.

one woman, obviously shopping with her children, was
buying her kids lunch one day at the same place i was in
the mall....and she actually YELLED at the guy serving her
because she didnt get her kids' hamburgers "fast" enough.
im sorry...but if your kids are THAT should
have fed them earlier. second...i dont think its right to
yell at someone...a teenager no less...for not having your
burger ready...wen he is CLEARLY in charge of cash. its
christmas...the mall is busy and so is everywhere else.
you need to practise extra patience around this time of
year because otherwise your going to end up like this
woman...and in the end nearly make someone cry. it was
this guy's first christmas in the mall...he didnt kno what
he was up against...and he was a kid...prolly bout 17 or
18...and he looked really upset wen she yelled at him. i
made a joke bout her after she left to make him smile cuz
he looked like he felt like shit...but i mean...where do
ppl get off thinkin they can yell at someone like that?
its sad...really sad.

you can see im in the mall a lot. i work there. but cuz im
a teenager myself i see how adults treat us...and
yea...theres the few moronic teenagers that make the rest
of us look bad...but i really feel that adults should
practise the old rule of "the benofit of the doubt" wen
dealing with teenagers...meaning...dont shoot us unless
we're guilty? i think a lot of adults would tell me that
im jus a kid..wut the hell do i kno? well i kno
that ive been yelled at and had some very mean things said
to me...and treated like absolute crap because im a
teenager...but if an adult working with me made the same
mistake? the person would calmly explain the problem and
not go ape on my adult co-worker.

newayz...back to christmas. like i jus a
kid...wut the hell do i kno? but wut im sayin is..ppl
should stay for ppl because they want to and
because they dont expect anythin in return...and not think
of shopping for your loved ones as a tiring as
it may be...if you stay patient and force yourself to be
in high spirits...and if everyone did this...ppl would
eventually jus start to be happy because the mood around
them is see wut im saying?

an example-start the fire - feed the fire - the fire speds
smile& be happy - force it wen its not there -
everyone else is happy because the mood is happy.

its like that story bout the smile...and then the smile
made the guy happy so he picked up a stray dog and brought
him to the shelter he was living in and then the shelter
caught on fire but the dog barked and woke everyone up and
saved everyones lives? like that...snowball it. :)

newayz...i gotta get goin...more christmas shopping to do
n then im goin to work! yay! :D

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