framed conceptions
2003-12-06 07:16:47 (UTC)


Billy gave me the idea of starting an online journal and i
thought it was good. I really get to express what im
feeling and thinking. But today had to have been a little
bit of a dissappointment. It was friday and i have nothin
to say but boring. It seems as if every weekend nite keeps
on getting more boring. How did i used to have fun, i have
forgotten and now ill be stuck with my nites being dull.
Basically hung out at brian's, nuthin new there, sat and
talked then finally left. didnt get much better after that
and that was pretty much the nite.
I started listening to a new band called rocket summer,
theyre pretty cool but nothing compared to dashboard.
Chris is true emo man. He doesnt care bout people thinking
hes a sissy for writing such sad lyrics, he writes about
the truth and feelings straight from the heart. wish i
could be like that, but as for now ill try.

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