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2003-12-06 02:44:58 (UTC)

This is weird for me

I've decided to display my thoughts for the world to see on
this hear website. I like the fact that I can write
anything anyone can read it though I think I'd be
interested in knowing other peoples opinion on what i have
to say. I dont know maybe I'll create an email address just
for this so I know what people think. I would use my usual
one but then someone who knows me might read my journal and
that would just be bad. I guess I'm to shy about offending
people. I'd rather not make someone uncomfortable that I
know becuase I hate when people make me uncomfortable. So
why did I start this? I dont really know. I have a journal
that I right every single feeling that I've had for the
last 3 to 4 years. I guess I just think this is cool.
Anways today was a pretty crappy day because there is yet
another disgusting virus going around school, that I have
fallen victim too. I hate my schedule this term, so having
a cold, and a crap schedule adds up. Its weird about my
school. Actually the community I live in. I live in a
pretty well off town (not bragging but take it how ya like)
that people who live outside the community get the wrong
opinion. The city is where I live is a suburb of major city
in the northern United States. Everyone who doesnt live
here has the opinion that we all think that we are better
then everyone and are basicly spoiled rich snobs. The funny
thing is when every I ask someone who confronts me about
being from where I'm from they never really have a good
bases for their opinion. For example I attend a church that
isnt int the same city as I live. Whenever the topic of
where I live comes up people always revert back to the fact
that we are "spoiled rich snobs." However when I ask when
somone from where I live has acted in this manor the always
say "I dont know you just are" or "When we play you in
sports you always act like your better then us." First of
all "You just are" is the lamest thing I've ever heard.
Second the whole sports thing, most people (not all) think
that their school is the best. So I guess my point is I
sick of people judging us for what we have. Because we may
be well off but money doesnt buy everything. Especial
friends, family, and happiness. We're just like everybody