the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-06 01:48:27 (UTC)

im bored

yeah i copied these ?'s from sam's blurty cuz im bored lol
1.Starting Time: 8:17 PM
2.Your Full Name: Diana Mae Toni
3.Nicknames: D Toni, Toni, Di, snowman, crab, etc.
4.Best Friends: Darlene, David, Sam, Nikki, Steve, Jack,
Nicole,Kevin, Tommy, and Isa
5.Person You've Been Friends With For The Longest: Erica
6.Funniest Friend: Steve
7.Craziest Friend: Darlene
8.Dumbest Friend: jill (blonde moments)
9.Athletic Friend: Jack
10.Loudest Friend: Amanda or Ali
11.Shyest Friend: hmmmm?
12.Who Do u Get Advice From: Nicole, kevin, sam

*******On Yourself******
13. height: 5"3
14.D.O.B: 04/12/87
15.Zodiac Sign: Aries
16.Righty/Lefty: Righty
17.Eye Color: Brown
18.Normal shoe size: 6-6 1/2
19.Shoe Brand: vans
20.Have you Cracked any Body Parts : i cracked my head open
21.Siblings: none
23.Screen Name: xhelloximxdeadx
24.BoyFriend: yeah.....
25. Do you like anyone?: yes
26. What time is it now? 8:29 PM
27.How long have you liked them?: since 6th grade....yeah...

******Have u Ever******

28.Kissed anyone: yes
29.If so, who?: i cant list them all
30.Kissed at the movies: of course
31.Kissed in a car: yup
32.Kissed in public: yup
33.Laughed so hard you peed your pants: no but I've laughed
so hard that I had to pee
34.Kicked The Wall and broke Every Toe in that Foot: been
tempted to
38.Been asked out by someone: yes
39.Gotten hit by a car: no
40.Ran into a parked car: what havent i run into?

******Ladies Fill Out on dudes******
41.Boxers or Briefs: boxers
42. Long hair or Short Hair: short
43.Dark or Light: doesnt matter
44. 6 pack or Muscular?: sure why not?
45.Body or Personality: Personality
46.Sportsy or Outdoorsy: Outdoorsy
49. Hat/No Hat: no hat it kind of annoys me

Which One is Better*****
50. Elton or George (Michael):um? elton?
51. Will and Grace or Friends: will and grace
52: body lotion or hand lotion?: hand lotion
53. Toy Story 1 or 2: the first one
54. Disney or Nickelodeon: Disney
55.Britney or Christina: christina actually has talent
unline britney
56. Canada or Mexico: canada
57. Blonde or Brunette: brunette
58. AE or AF: AE
59. PS2 or XBOX: PS2
60. Johnny Depp or Johnny Carson: Depp!!!
61: Big Toe or Little Toe?:little toe cuz i never stub that
62.Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
63.Taco Bell or McDonald: mcdonalds
64.Cats or Dogs: cats
65.Coffee or Tea: coffee
66.Sour or Sweet: sour
67.Chocolate Milk or Hot Chocolate: hot chocolate
68.Vanilla or Chocolate: vanilla
69.Cake or Cookies: cookies
70.Ice Hockey or Roller Hockey: roller hockey
71.Day or Night: night
72. Lights on or Off: off hee hee
73.Ocean or Pool: it depends if im in like a tropical
climate ocean if not pool
74.Summer or spring: summer NO SCHOOL!
75.Winter or Fall: winter SNOW DAYS!

******Your favorite******
76.Food: KRAFT mac and cheese
77. Truck: dont know
78.Store: hot topic and pac sun
79.Candy: resses
80.Resturant: ruby tuesady's
81.Color: red and black
82.Thing to Do: listen to music go online, hang with friends
83.Number: 91
84.Holiday: I hate holidays but if i had to choose..
85.Quote(s): its better to be pissed off than to be pissed
86.Band/singer: Nirvana
89: Song: wow too many!
90.T.V. Show: whos line is it anyway?
91.Radio Station: the radio sucks

****In The Future****
92.Who's going to be by Your Side: well i have *someone* in
93.Where are you Gonna Live: hawaii
94.How many kids? 2-4
95.What are u going to be doing: working as a marine
biologist studying marine mammals in hawaii (i get to scuba
dive all day!)

******Random Questions******
96. Are you glad this thing is almost over? i guess
97.What's your wife/husband gonna look like? like David
Merchant does
98.What are u Wearing right now ?: swaet pants and an
oregon swaetshirt sexy sexy
99.What Does Your Screen Name stand for? its an inside joke
between me and my friend darlene
100.Where were you born? Bristol CT
101. Finishing time: 8:47 PM