of little importance
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2003-12-06 01:02:44 (UTC)


my wonderful world of pretend
you can't hide me here
you can't hide here
it's my place to go away
i can tell you what you want to hear
and partially what i think
but many secret thoughts will stay inside
my beautiful world of pretend
see what you want
i don't even know the truth
i'm tired of lies
i'm tired of you
look in the mirror as i say these things
i don't see you
but i'm not sure if it's me
i'll be okay
i promise
and you know how my promises are
so take my word for everything
it's all real
in my lovely world of pretend
i'm so used to letting it out
and now i have to let it in
the second's so much easier
the first is what's supposedly right
i got so good at number one
comfortable and not afraid
now you don't want that
you don't want truth
you don't want me
that's okay i'm better now
in my amazing world of pretend
oh wait
this world is yours