of little importance
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2003-12-06 00:56:08 (UTC)

i'm okay

what i feel doesn't matter
don't you understand
everything i've known and wanted
is now locked inside my head
i'm not allowed to feel this way
or think the things i do
not because of restrictions i placed
but because of your own rules
so go ahead and leave me here
lost and so alone
it's easier for both of us
to leave me without a home
there is no place where i belong
but that's for the best
i wish you knew just how it feels to be unwanted
you can only guess
do you lie awake and cry
afraid of the dark
i'm trapped inside my worthless box
but escaping is too hard
it's way too much trouble
to let you see
you don't even want to hear the truth
which is why i just let you be
all my memories keep flooding back
though i'm trying to be good
so it all goes inside my little box
exactly where i said it would
you're giving up again and letting go
hope's beyond a dare
i'm lost and little but you cant understand
you're not allowed to care
so what i feel doesn't matter
because i know it can't
so what's the point of trying
when everything's already on a downward slant
you helped me get rid of my box
but helped me make it too
so don't worry i'll be okay
and not bother me with you