It's seems I am a believer
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2003-12-05 19:40:33 (UTC)

Snow Day

Date: 12/5/03 1:47 p.m.
Mood: Bored and confused
Music: "Little Things" by Good Charlotte

Today is a snow day, the first of the year in fact. No
school, no rents, no make-up or bras, and nothing to do.
Fun...I guess.
I was talking to Ryan online, but he just left. *tear
tear* He told me to call him later and I plan to. He is
the first boyfriend I've had who really cares for me. (And
I care for him just as much.) Though, that's not saying
much considering I have only had 2. Well, 3 counting the
one I had in second grade. But there are something he
doesn't know about me and I'm afrid if I tell him he'll
think I'm a freak.
My suiced attepmt has been known to freak most people out
and I think if I tell him there would be no acception. I
know, I know, if he doesn't like me for me he's not worth
it blah blah blah...but he is worth it. And if he doesn't
dump me it could be bacause he's afraid I'll try it again.
No...I guess I don't believe all that. Ryan's not like
that. I Know it sounds like I'm in denial but I have faith
that he'll still love me. (Even though he hasn't said he
loves me. We haven't been dating that long.)
Well, Nikki just asked me over to her house and of course
I'm going. So guess I'll have to go get dressed. Oh darn!
LOL! Have a happy snown day Moungomery County, MD! Peace!

Mad Love,

Final Thought: "Love is an eternity in a singal moment."