my life sux
2003-12-05 12:57:12 (UTC)

I ended up having to call the cops on Fran Yesterday

Hello Diary,
Yesterday was very hectic and originally Fran said she
didn't go out on a date but she lied through her teeth.
When she told me &Dennis that.
She was sleeping on the couch and I through her a pillow and
when it woke her up she went wild.
She started running into things cussing at me and telling me
to stay away from her.
I first called Anne at work and she never called me back.
Than I called Don and he gave me mothers work number and she
told me to call the cops and that fran was back on drugs.
I do not know why Im so nice to Fran ?
The cops came and they hand cuffed Fran when she became
violent with then.
She was kicking them and had feces all over her and i tried
to get her jeans on her out she would help out so after like
10 minutes on the 2nd try I gave up.
I don't understand why Fran does this to me?