Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-12-05 07:23:21 (UTC)

Massively Bored of the Bling-Bling

Just saw a peek at Return of the King this evening on ABC
(owned by Disney tm), and they showed how they did this and
that and etc. Yeah, I think that they deserve all the
money they could get (from us, of course) for all the work
that went into it, and the director's conviction for
absolute perfectionism.

Of course, I have gone on before about this, but I wonder
what will be the next big fantasy epic to be put to the big
screen....(please, no female authors please...) Roger
Zelazney's Chronicles of Amber...nah, not epic enough...
Raymond Fiest? Moorcock's Elric saga (yeah, dat be
cool, 'cept I think that it would be too far out there for
anyone to relate to. He does employ the use of demons and
various deities...)

Well, If I must choose, I think it will be someone from a
more recent set of books.... Hmmm, almost forgot about the
belgariad, or .....oh yeah, Guardians of the flame, or
Glen Cook Annals of the Black Company (one of my
favorites), or Thomas Covenant sextology (i think this one
should be next), or also the Summer Tree (i think this the
correct name) from Guy Gavriel Kay.... Lotsa good good
fantasy out there....gotta put 'em all on the big screen,
yeah.... (Myth Adventures, Shannara series, Fafhrd and the
Grey Mouser series, Harry Turtledove's Byzantine
collection, ...where does the list end? But remember it
all started for you with the Hobbit, lol....)