Just Another Day In Paradise
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2003-12-05 03:45:07 (UTC)


I love the rain...but today was especially cold!
Particularly because some band kids stood out in the rain
for hours after school to help out and then get yelled out
by someone who should remain nameless that had no idea what
he was talking about! ERG! Today was a pretty good
day...Mrs. Williams is still crazy...we used to get along
pretty well...maybe it was just the it's a
little rougher...well it will be over fairly soon
anywayz...After a rough night last night my love and I are
back to excellent..hehe I can't wait until the semester
ends! For more reasons than one, I can't stand these
classes anymore..I'm getting antsy to start different
subjects...that I will probably feel the same way about
after 2 weeks..hehe..What can I say? I need variety!
Christmas is coming! I love Christmas..the family
time...the volunteering...the sweets...the giving...the
decorations! Although I feel like I'm losing the
magic....I'm counting the days but I'm not annoyingly
impatient like I used to be...I miss I just get
really antsy on Christmas Eve..hmm....I'm growing
up...sad...soon after Christmas...SWEET 16! Hehe!
old....oh well...I'm ready for summer...I'm ready for a
job...I'm ready for my license....I'm ready for that one
teeny bit of independence you are granted while still
living with your parents. I am joining the Craven
Community Band! I can't will definitely be a
great experience musically and I can meet new people and
have a great time! I can't wait! Yeah today seems to have
gone well...tons of exclamation points..hehe must mean an
exciting day huh?