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2003-12-05 03:04:36 (UTC)

first time, and other stuff

this is my first time writing in this thing and nothing
really happens here soo i really dont have much to say. my
names katie and im 12 years old in april 2004. the two
thing that i love to do are play soccer and go roller
blading. i have a while off from soccer between seasons,
but i mainly play all year. im on two teams so im usually
really tierd during the season. i play for my town team
and central mass united(cmu). my cmu team is really good
but i think because we lost our last game were moving down
a division. my town team is really bad because the grade
younger than us is realy bad at soccer.
i love to roller skate with my friends at roll on
america but my parents dont like the kids that go theree
and i dont really like most of them either, but i hang with
my friend michelle usually and sometimes my friends nikki,
britt(*who i really dont like*), and steph will come with
michelle is probably my best friend, but she is
a year older than me so i dont go to skool withh her
because she is in middle skool and im still in 6th grade.
next year i will go to skool with her though. my parents
dont reallly like michelle that much because her older
sister talks alot and when her sis talks to my sis mine
gets really loud and my mom thinks that herr sis(justine)
is the reason my sis(allie) is a bitch. my mom thinks
michelle will make me evil so i dont get to hang with her
much anymore.
my next best friend is probably nikki. nikki has
trouble sitting in one place for a long time. she gets in
trouble alot in skool cuz my teacher is
rrrrrreeeaaallllllyy mean.
brittany who gets mad at me if i dont call her
britt isnt really my friend. she always has to be right
and hates people for no reason.
steph is cool sometimes. she is reeallly mean
to michelle and brittany and nikki tho. she gets mad really
easily so she slaps, kicks, and sometimes punches people.
i got punched today in the shoulder and i dont know why. i
have a red mark on my shin from her kicking me too, but i
dont really care cuz i like to hurt peoplee so when im mad
i jsut make her mad and we sort of fight but neverr really
get mad at eachother.

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