more human than human
2003-12-05 02:36:51 (UTC)

fuck off

Jesus fucking christ. Why? She acts like college students
don't have real problems, bitches about my sleeping
patterns, and even nags about my eating
patterns...fuck...the last thing I need during my first
semester of post-sec is some fucking cow acting like she's
my mother...who gave her the fucking right? I'm starving,
but I know she'll comment on whatever I have to eat, which
will just make me even more uncomfortable and
stressed...fuck. Apparently, theirs no way I had a long
day just because I wasn't out of the house by 7 am...I'd
really like to watch her survive thirty seconds in a dance
class. Fuck. I hate living here...I hate the constant
obligation to be polite - even nice - to her, when all I'd
like to do is fucking scream at her....point out that SHE
chose to live with ME...I wasn't even fucking consulted in
which phone number we'd keep...and I definately wasn't
asked if I minded living with her fucking dog....I HATE
dogs...yet it seems its always my responsibility to put
the dog out at night, just cause I'm up the latest....let
the damn thing freeze, it's not my job. She doesn't feed
my cat when I'm gone on the weekends, so why should I let
her mutt out? I can't wait to get out of here. Dad
disagrees with the idea of me moving out so soon
apparently, but if he actually cared he'd tell her to lay
the fuck off. She's not my goddamn mother, and she will
probably never gain one ounce of my respect. meanwhile,
I'm stuck here, and none of my friends will come over
because she makes them so uncomfortable and I'm not
allowed to hang out with my friends in my room because
apparently its "innappropriate" didn't give a rat's
ass until we moved in here...fucking spineless...*look of
disgust*...and she bitches about my job...and the way I
speak...and stand....and actually pretty much ordered me
to say hello to her once....I just want to fucking get out
of away, never come back. maybe call those I
care about every once in a while....find my own little
island, and live it up "cast away" style...only not steal
dead people's shoes....unless they were REALLY nice
shoes...then maybe. no phone, no school...just one guy to
cook for me and one to give me back rubs...both thinking I
must be some amazing deity or something...

~Angry Elf