crackheads thoughts
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2003-12-04 22:14:58 (UTC)


Hey, I thought that I would update my problems on
here...since I dont want some people to know what im doing.
Cause if they did...they would freak out and turn my over
to my parents.

But I have a question...if you are prolly a little over 5'7
{or pretty tall...taller than 5'5} How much should you

Anyway...This week hasnt been really hard...b/c I havent
worked....but then again..I ate lunch everyday. My main
problems are pizza..coke's...and But im a
very picky eater. Dont like Hamburgers...Not like much bread
{roll's} I have a big problem with chips and coke's mostly.
And I dont know how I can avoid them. People have accused
me of being anorex...but I dont have the wheel power to be.

My goal waz to weigh 90..or 95..and I weigh 112 {just
weighed} and I wanna keep going till I have thin thigh's
and thin everything.

Well...I better go...I got practice at 5

[email protected]~

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