champagne supernova
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2003-12-04 17:52:16 (UTC)

lucky 13

all of a sudden, after senior project, after all the
madness of thanksgiving ( i made a carrot cake) after being
sick with the worse damn chest cold i have ever had ( and
still have) all of a sudden,,, going to
virginia,,, how did that happen? i bought my ticket and
normally i have to wait like 90 something days before i
go,,,t his time im leaving in 13 freaking days. im sooo
not ready. i cant even tell you. im so excited, this is the
first ticket ive bought all on my own. 289$ which is a
great deal for this time of year.and i dont have much mula
to spend while im in va cause of buying gifts for
christmaas eh but we'll see!!!