some sort of normal
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2003-12-04 13:20:59 (UTC)

just to ordinary

well as my first entry i find i should introduce myself i
am rayn and this is my diary i am a 21 yr old female from
lawrence mass i write about my day how i feel and other
crazy nonsense if you chose not to like what i have to say
then dont read mah diary hehe well to day is the 4th of
december i live in a hotel cause we ended up homeless that
is me my mom and my two younger siblings i have a 14 yr
old brother and a 15yr old sister i have 2 other siblings
but they are my dads kids and are older than me but anyway
i've lived here for 5mths and afta a while it gets pretty
shytty you'd think i would love it well there are those
disadvantages yup any way on other news i am one with many
issues which in time i will tell right now i broke night
to get a decent sleep tonite but i will write back lata k
k byes