The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-12-04 08:23:39 (UTC)

everyone's a matchmaker these days

It's been a while since I last updated, and I'm pretty wired
from drinking too much tea, so I figure now is a decent time
to post. There have been some interesting happenings as of
late, so I will have something to write about.

I had a fine Thanksgiving, though air travel going home and
returning to campus was a nightmare. Going out, I ended up
having to spend a night in Detroit because of a connection I
barely missed. Got to see my plane pull away from the gate;
what a load of crap that was. Coming back, my early flight
was cancelled due to mechanical problems, so I had to take a
taxi to Kalamazoo, Michigan, in order to get into Detroit so
I could fly back here. To make matters worse, the airline's
ticket agent wasn't too bright and nearly stuck me with the
longest fucking layover in my entire history of air travel.
Bottom line: I was 12 hours late getting home, and 10 hours
late getting back here. Thank you very much, Northwest!

I saw Matrix Revolutions on Monday, and for the most part I
enjoyed it more than Reloaded. The ending was weak, but the
rest of it was ok, and it wasn't criminally bad like some of
the movies I've seen (Star Wars Ep. 2). That said, I really
should have waited for it to go second-run, but at least now
I have closure on the series.

I also set a new personal best on the pinball machine, which
makes me very happy. I think I might still be able to make
the high score list, particularly if I manage to exploit one
little glitch I stumbled across. We shall see, though. The
machine underwent some repairs recently, so I have to learn
how to work with a new, high-tension launcher. I think I'm
getting the hang of it, though.

In social news, nothing too new has transpired. However, I
do have a few "proxy wingmen," for want of a better phrase.
Basically there are a few friends of mine who have taken it
upon themselves to keep watch for women I should meet. It's
a little odd, especially when one of them is way the hell in
my hometown, but hell, I'm not about to turn down backup.

I'm not quite sure how this got started. I know one friend
of mine knew some girl he thought I'd be compatible with, a
friend of his girlfriend. His girlfriend didn't think that
it would be a good idea, though, for some reason neither of
us understand. Kind of a shame, I passed by this other girl
in a hallway one time, she was not bad-looking by any means,
and if she was as smart as he claimed, we could have gotten
along quite well.

The interesting thing is that this friend of mine is rather
convinced now that a girl who lived on my hall last year is
into me. Frankly, I can't see it, but then I'm a buffoon in
these matters, so maybe I'm not the best judge of things.

Assuming he's right, it's a dicey proposition at best. I'm
not sure if I'd want to get romantically involved with her,
particularly with so many complicating factors: we've quite
a few mutual friends, and if things went south I'd possibly
lose the only good female friend I have around here. Plus,
I'm not really that attracted to her. Yeah, she's nice and
smart and funny, and she's not ugly or anything, but I just
don't really feel much of an attraction. I'm not saying I'd
necessarily object to getting involved with her, but I'm not
going to actively pursue anything like that.

Who knows why I'm operating this way. Maybe it's pheromones
or maybe it's something weird or maybe I'm just more shallow
than I'd like to believe, but that's the way it is. And it
doesn't help that I think my comrade is wrong.

But at any rate, a friend of mine back home started in after
I made some joke about getting "the studio" to bring him in
for another sequel if he'd introduce me to some nice Indian
girl (he declared me an "honorary Indian" some time ago). I
was, of course, just being my usual wiseguy self. It seems,
however, that there was some girl he thought I should meet,
at least for a bit. He may have been bullshitting on that,
but he's keeping an eye out now as well.

So if I keep this up, I'll have a nationwide network of pals
trying to introduce me to women they know. Things could get
out of hand real quick, but also be a whole lot of fun. Now
the question, of course, is "Will I have any more luck with
all this backup than I have before?" I don't know what the
answer is to that, but I should get some good laughs out of
finding out.

When you play the dating game by proxy, there are no prizes.

This is Dave, signing off.