Icka's Journal
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2003-12-04 05:38:58 (UTC)

I'm Here Now

So this is my online diary. It probably won't be very
exciting but it will be mine to write. I dont' really care
if anyone reads it at all. I am an 18yr. old freshman at
UB. I am also engaged to a great guy. Ok thats all the
that kind of info I'm giving.

I'm very excited because on friday I finally get to go home
for break. I miss being home, it isn't that I am homesick
it is just that I hate living in the dorms with these
people. They are just very different from me. I just
dont' like them at all. Maybe next year will be better for
me but who knows. Hopefully next year my fiance will go to
buff state and be closer to me than he is in syracuse.

Today was a pretty good day for me. I got my car back and
I got to go to the mall with Sarah for tacos. Then we went
all the way to BJ's just for velveeta haha but it was worth
it. The only thing I really have left on my agenda is to
study for these stupid college exams (math, spanish, and
linguistics). UGH.

There are three other reasons that i am very excited to go
home other than the fact I need to be away from the people
on my floor. 1. i miss my sister 2. derek is in syracuse 3.
i get to start my job on saturday and i am actually excited.

Well that is all I have for now. I will write again
hopefully soon.