nicky is dead
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2003-12-04 04:14:37 (UTC)


Today was another day that started out with a late shower
at 7:20 and getting to school at 8. I had English morning.
Hoorah! =/ At least Jacob wasn't there... until I saw him
at lunch. And he barely kissed my cheek and he made me
spill my soda. Then he followed me, Ashley, and Brandi to
the band room. He bugged me all lunch and he kept trying
to kiss me. Ugh! It was disgusting! Brandi said I should
try to be nice and I am! But... EW! Anyways... Second
block I took that stupid pre test for the Exit Exam and
people were pissed me off. Especially this preppy Mexican
chick Sabrina with her ugly nose and millions of make-up.
She doesn't say anything to me and that's good. But the
fact that she's there pisses me off. Just like her friend
Gabby. I hope they both get pregnant and die... soon!
Anyways, I got a stupid call from the school saying that I
missed one of my classes but now I have to check my
attendance because stupid fat principal man didn't clear
it. Ugh! I didn't have to go anyways! I'm missing out of
meaningful class time! But oh well... Anywho. Brandi made
me go to the mall and all I bought was Calamari and Brandi
bought me other stuff. Yum. But now I feel sick... I
wonder sometimes if anyone likes me... Likes me, likes me.
You know? That's probably a no. Well... For some reason,
I'm frustrated. Hasta.


Music: Wakefield
Mood: Frustrated, you bitch!

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