2003-12-04 04:03:55 (UTC)

just the beginning

Quote:"to live a little is to miss a lifetime"
Sometimes you wonder why you do the things you do, and if
you would do them if you thought about it first, or how you
would do them differently. There's a lot i do that i would
do differently if i actually took the time to think first.
like when i tell certain people certain things. the other
day i told one of my friends a story from a couple of years
ago that is really down deep with me... and the truth is i
dont know if i should have told her or not.... i mean i
dont know her well enough to trust to her fully but i guess
the way i am is u can trust anyone until they break it....
then its hard to ever trust them again. but then there are
ways i act towards certain people. i mean should i show
affection like i do, compliment like i do, even act like i
do... it makes me wonder what they are thinking well i do
that, do they mind, do they enjoy it, hate it get annoyed
by it, i mean i know i have people that are like it to me
and yeah ts flattering but sometimes they just do it at the
wrong time then other times they do it at the perfect time
and it cheers me up.. however i dunno everything is just so
confusing and i dont feel like ranting right now so i guess
im going to head to bed or something of the sort, who
really knows.

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