2003-12-04 03:58:43 (UTC)

god. i cant even handle..


i cant even handle hospitals.

the smell. the air. all the sickness all around me. i
dont know how many more times i can handle seeing my father
in a dark hospital room with tubes stuck into him all

and let me not even start on anything else tonight. why
would anyone give me the indication that they would come
just be with me for a little bit right now instead of me
sitting here alone going fucking insane all night if they
wouldnt in actuality even be able to fucking talk on the
phone for 5 minutes. and then im supposed to be happy
with "oh i'll be online" but that doesnt even happen. god
damn it. people fucking infuriate me. i am so fucking
over it.

i am so fucking over every single aspect of my life.