Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-12-04 03:17:42 (UTC)

Shadow Life

Ah, yes my other life... shadow life. Its my virtual
world when it comes to video games. Its basically all the
hours, days, weeks, months, and years that I've spent
playing video games. Yeah people learn a lot more in a life
time playing them than working labor. I hear it can add to
over 25% of IQ to your mind.
Knowing that, I wonder how much I've leared from
playing games like armored core, or like dynasty warriors.
I love those kinds of games. still play pokemon, its a fun
game but it has too many gay looking pokemon in it! My
favorite over all is still Final Fantasy 7. Its just
perfect. ^_^ I'm still the king of most games we have.
Justin is also still my rival.
What can I say about JC and Robert?? They're both
second-rate gamers. They want to be the best, but they
don't have what it takes! lol guess that makes those two
rivals. And David well I don't know him that well. He's a
creep because he thinks hes in love with my little
sister... Thats just gross. He's like too old. Anyway, when
it comes to games and him,hes a fast learner I'll give him
that. Still, he needs more focus and practice to beat me or
justin in armored core or red faction. I'm going to try to
get my girlfriend into some of these games. She so cool,
and I think she might catch on!
Um...I talked to Malinde the other day. I hardly bring
her name up anymore because we don't communicate as much as
we used to. She thinks I've changed so much. I know that in
reality I haven't. Its just that I'm not hiding anything
anymore. I'm still the same Charles she knew three years
ago, except now I'm more open with other people. They
should know me for who I really am before they become a
close friend. I still feel bad about it though however I
think about it. Its my fault, for lying to her in the first
place. This was back then when my hearts' doors were closed
to outsiders, and people who stood outside never were
allowed in.
I guess....thats my dark past to begin with. But
anyways I finished that entertainment center. Its
absoulutly perfect thanks to me! I guess thats a skil I got
from my dad. Oh man! The whole time I was working today my
fly was unzipped!! And when I got back home I noticed a cum
stain on my pants! _ Grr... I have to be more careful
next time. lol I don't think anyone really noticed though.
I'm going to go wash up. I'll write again sometime.