My Big Dreams
2003-12-04 02:33:31 (UTC)


Hola people. yah so this is the FIRST BRAND SPANKIN NEW
entry in my diary. woot woot! yah so I'm tired as shit per
usual & i love mi madre, atleast for today. my mommy
bought me the Good Charlotte Video Collection! Woot!
*victory dance* KA shiz. yes, I'm Good Charlotte obsessed.
dont like it? then press that back button & take a hike.
Went to the new jimmy Buffet restaurant for my bros bday,
Cheeseburger in Paradise. realized its mostly one big bar.
finally stuck to my vegeitarian pledge, go me! yah even
thinking of meat makes me gag. alas, i am weak. stupid
technological society. hiss.
in other news, freaked out my sister with my spiked dog
collar, then lent it to my bro to piss her off. got bored
& traced my veins in my wrists, making a KA design. sis
says im satanic. yes, thats why i have a Bible verse
written on my shoe. according to the girly-girl, my bro &
i are freaks & shes the only normal 1 in the family.
i finally get to see Brendan play! wooters! stupid rentals
think i'm too young to go to their home gig & Battle of
the Bands. eurgh gag me. cant wait to see his new mohawk.
He kicks ass... any hot guy who argues with you and your
friend over who has the better MADE jacket & invites you,
a lowly frosh, to his gigs & parties is a keeper.
hehehehe... eat your heart out L.

ah i g2g watch the GC DVD w/ Jade... muchos peepz, WBL.
x3 K

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