lil kissez 52

You think you know? You have NO idea!
2003-12-04 02:22:29 (UTC)


hey guys today was pretty gay... "a total waste of make
up!" cept i got to chill with stef and chey at
cheerleading! aww they're so cute!! lol hmm... and then i
got to see bernie and he always makes my day -- yes him and
his thongs... (lol i still love u baby! - even tho u do
have HIV! lmao) but the rest of my day was pretty much
blah... linds got her keys locked in her car so we had to
call triple A - dun worry lin i kno what you mean about
this week! lol then lis taught us a cheer cuz shes awesome
like that! and u know how it goes *kelli u lil fart roller*
good times today i guess... cheerleading always makes me
laugh tho - i love u girls! but im off to do homework...
ohhh yay! lol ~ lis

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