2003-12-04 02:14:42 (UTC)

About Me

Hey This is my first diary ever, ive never even kept one in
a notebook or whatever, well ive started but i never
finished them! Ok well
Age-13 almost 14 in like 23 days!
Location- a boring smalltown in pennsylvania
Live With- my mom and step dad, i visit my step mom dad and
step brother and my sister on weekends.
Best Friend-Alex(its a girl)
Ok anyways, i guess i should tell some more about
family...I dont get along with my dad very well,he is
Bipolar which is a mental diease i guess? he goes from one
extreme to another, like he will be in a great mood and one
thing can set him off and u better watch out.Me and My mom
get along great though, shes awesome...shes my rolemodel
shes been through some tought stuff in her life, and is a
strong woman. My Step dad and Step Mom are both cool, both
dont act very parent like which is y i think i like them so
much. My sister is so cute shes 3 and is a great little
kid, my step brother...i dont know about him hes kinda
messed up i guess u could say, i think he has some kind of
mental problmes,hes only 5 and talks like he a 40 year old
man but cant tie his own shoes and he has problems dressing
him self...its weird...Ok now back to me..

Most people consider me a free spirit, i dont really care
what people think of me i always stand up for the underdog
in a fight and i dont follow trends, im not upto date on
fashion or anything. Its not as if i dont have any friends
and people think im weird or fairly
popular, although times i wish i wasnt considered popular,
some popular people can be really cruel. Ok also im kinda
quiet at times other times i can be fairly loud, but not
obnoxious loud though. Im also kinda more mature then most
people my age, maybe its because ive always hung around
older kids and adults alot of my life. i dont really know
though...Ok this is enough about me. I will write again
soon, not that anyone will wanna read this..but oh well


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