Th3 VoiCe Unl3aSheD
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2003-12-03 23:04:42 (UTC)

15 minutes of expression

im bored...i have to do a stupid essay for english wen
really all i wanna do is tell my stupid teacher to go to
hell. i hate my tech teacher too...hes a moron who doesnt
kno how to teach. they should both jus piss off. wutever.

lousy couple of days....wont bother to annoy you with them.

i only have 15 minutes to finish writing my thoughts down
before my annoying little brother comes down to irritate me
until i give him usage of the computer...fuck...i hate only
having one computer with the internet in this house. ugh.

wellllll once again i am being blamed for crap i didnt do.
y do parents have to be retarded? ok well not all of them
are retarded but a lot of them are. ok theres this girl at sure everyone who knows me knows who im talking
about. no body really likes her. they all have their own
reasons of course. but sumhow her parents have this idea
that im the one to blame for the fact that their moronic
daughter, who by the way lies, steals boyfriends, gets her
friends in trouble to get herself outta shit, sleeps
around, and basically has no intention of making anythin
out of her life, not having any friends? wut the hell! i
privatly told her that i wanted nothing to do with
her...and suddenly im the ringleader of all the people who
dont like her? its insulting to me and insulting to
everyone else. they all have brains...if they liked her or
even trusted her for that matter then they would be her
friend. no one wants to be her friend because she USES her
friends...i mean she let her only friend's bf take naked
pictures of her...and NOW shes going out with that
guy...come on! then she tells her parents she doesnt kno
why ppl dont like her. its pathetic and it pisses me off
that her parents even DARE try to blame me. yea...i
definitly went from disliking this girl to absolutly
loathing her. i never liked her parents to begin with but
ive always been polite to them. they never liked be from
the beginning and have been trying to think of things to
blame me for since wen i was friends with their stupid
kid...well they can go fuck themselves...i dont appreciate
being talked about behind my back...and being blamed for
somethin i didnt do jus makes me even more angry. i intend
on calling them one day and telling them that...theyll
prolly jus go aroung telling ppl that i called
maybe i wont...fuck not gonna sink to their level
of immaturity...jus cuz they cant raise their kid doesnt
make any difference in my life. but if it starts to im
gonna tell them where to go.

*sigh* now that thats off my chest...i feel much better.

gonna go work on that retarded essay now...prolly back to
write again later...prolly to write bout sumthin else that
pisses me off.....fuck it

LATeRdAZe - - mE