the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-03 21:31:34 (UTC)

wierd day........

yesterday was a starnge day. at 1:00 AM my friends nikki,
darlene, chad, jeremy, and david showed up at my door. so
i snuck out the house and we drove around for awhile. nikki
suggested that we go to CVS so we did. nikki had just been
arrested for shoplifting from CVS. she goes to court
soon. and of course she had to be her little rebel self
and she stole some gum, a bag of chips, and lip gloss. wow
fun. then my friends wanted to go to a secluded parking
lot so we went to SJHS! it was fucking cold and we were
running around outside in the fucking freezing weather and
the snow! it was fun i guess. if i get pneumonia you all
know why. so i went in the car to warm up and me and my ex
talked and did other stuff. it was fun. then we drove back
to my house. i am so lucky i didnt lock the door cuz i had
forgotten my key. it was a fun night though. i patched
things up with my friend darlene who had been previously
mad at me so its all good now except i still have to do
*one thing* it keeps bugging me but i cant seem to do it.
soon though i promise. school was stupid both yesterday
and today. i hate school i cant fucking take it anymore.
im gonna become a fucking drop-out. blahhhhhh. well thats
all for now. laterz *DMT*

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