2003-12-03 20:02:53 (UTC)


I'm not sure why I started this entry. I guess I needed to
vent. I'm one of very few men who actually have and want
custody of their kids after divorce. I have two kids from
this woman that I thought I loved. We divorced for reasons
too many to list here. Mostly because I was tired of being
treated like garbage. Shorlty after we split I discovered
that she was using drugs and using in front of the kids.
They were 4 and 1 at the time! I didnt want to take their
mother away so I made no mention of this in the divorce
papers. I did make it clear that if she contested that I
would bring it up in court. I wasnt trying to be an ass but
also did not want my kids exposed to that kind of thing.
She also hooked up with my loser brother who happened to be
a heavy drug user. They are now married and supposedly
clean. Its kinda like a Jerry Springer episode. The main
problem now is that they both use the kids against me and
my new wife. My family already had issues with my brother
that had nothing to do with him marrying me ex. This only
added to it. So now they use the kids against the rest of
the family as well. They tell the kids, now 6 and 3, that
no one in the family likes them. They have no business
saying anything of the sort to these innocent kids. Even if
it is true. The kids get upset when they see my brother and
his wife because "mommy" told them that they dont like her.
We confronted her about this and she said that she would
not say that anymore. Now she just tells them that everyone
wants her to lie to them and say that they like her. I am
so mad about this. No child should have to think about
those kinds of things. I have tried to be nice for too long
now. Its getting me no where. This is only one of the major
problems that her and my brother (if you can really call
him that) create. They make up stories about everyone to
make themselves look good and the rest of us look bad. My
only hope is that as my kids get older, the truth will come
out and they will see through the lies that they have told
them. Enough for today, Everytime I think about it I get
too upset.