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2003-12-03 18:27:54 (UTC)

Dangerious in love, part 2

So here`s the problem, during my stay abourd, I discoverd
Im in love, with Cris!
How can that be?
I havent seen him since May or something, exept one time
whan I was sitting on a bus and he was waiting for green
light in the middle of town, he didnt see me thoght, at
least I think he didnt.

It hurts so much, because he`s nothing but truble. I love
Tommy and he must love me so much more and so diffrent that
Chris will ever be able to.
I dunno what to do.
I guess you will say that I schould brak up with Tommy,
cause he gives se sutch much pain and dosnt love me the way
I want him to. But I love him, and I cant stand a break now.
On the other hand, we have Chris, totaly difrent from
Tommy, but what are the chances that he will fall for me as

I was in love with him afther the kiss, but it must have
got over, and it will this time to. But it hurt so much,
cause all I can think of right now is that I cant him to
contact me, Im wondering how he`s doing, if he have a
girlfriend, what he`s doing and so on.. And I REALLLY like
to know.
I must have picked up the phone, at leat a dussin times the
last weeks, to sertc for his number. I dont have it
anymore, but I figured one of these 1999, 2003, 1984,1890
must have him somewhere.
But everytime I`ve stoped in time. Cause what would I do
with his number. That would just make it one step to
contact him, something that would be a distaster.
Tommy wont have me talking to him, its eather Tommy or
Chris he says.
I wont take the truble to do it behind his back, he always
find out sutch things, I would be nervous all the time,
what if Tommy was suddently where me and Chris where, what
if a friend of him sow us, etc.

So Im a bit lost for the moment. Dont juge me for beeing in
love, or having feelings for Chris right noe, I cant help
it, and if I could chose, I would rather not have those
feelings I have at all!
They might go away afther a while, but then it might be to
late, I might have done something, like contacted him..