Visions Of Life
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2003-12-03 16:13:12 (UTC)


I am almost done with my general ed requiremenets for some
sort of a degree and i wasnt even working on that... lol.
People find it so strange that I am going to school to
learn, not just because I want a degree. I take classes
that I want to take, not have to take. I am pretty sure I
will be a double major in history and political science but
there are so many things I want to learn. Hell, I want like
5 degrees. Plus I plan to get my PHD eventually, but i may
have to finish that in florida because I may be living
there within a few years.

I am happy today. Sore but happy. My husband is so
wonderful. All of the lights are up, he cooks me candle
light dinners, and helps me with economics. I love him so
much. Great sext doesnt hurt either