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2003-12-03 05:46:40 (UTC)

i died for love

yet another poem i wrote awhile back......
i take this knife i hold it tight i look at u so peaceful
but i know when u wake we will fight and argue so i decide
to end it now i made a deal with the devil and now ill sign
it with my own blood
all i ever wanted was for u to be happy but i know u'll be
happier and better off with out me so i take this knife and
hold it tight i look at u so peaceful i start to cry cuz
i'll miss u and for a second i think maybe i shouldnt do
this but i remember u'll be better off without me......i
feel a sting and look as the knife goes into my veigns it
drips onto the floor so i go to the bathroom and lock
myself inside i dont want u to see me not like this i look
in the mirror and on it in blood i write.....i died for love