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2003-12-03 05:10:35 (UTC)

and youre my brown eyed girl

sha la la la la la la.......

ohh man what a fucking day.

this morning i didnt go to class cus i was still too tired
but then my mom woke me up wanting to quit her job... she
was in the car ready to leave and she said "lets just go
now".... so that was fun to deal with. then my dad is like
sick or something moaning and laying around saying he has
pains in his stomach...

the best part of the day was i went and took caroline to
lunch and got pictures developed, some from indiana and
some from tampa. and that was nice, cus i said "i think im
guna go do my lip soon in tampa" and she said "I wana
come!" and i was surprised and she said "cus you were with
me when i did mine" so if we can work that out that would
be nice......

but then i went home to take him to the doctor. and we
thought oh it'll only be like 20-25 minutes. two fucking
hours. i sat in my car for two fucking hours... i've been
in a car for 23 hours straight, i had a million things to
do and im sitting there for TWO FUCKING HOURS. i was
irate, i was talking to myself, i prayed, i was like get me
the fuck out of here man. and then he says they had to do
stat blood work because it could be his appendix going to
rupture or his gallbladder. so im like PERFECT, thats all
we need is him back in the fucking hospital...

so i go over to matts for a while and talked and he was all
weird like i think he really did miss me.. and i told him
im going. and he said "oh i guess i'll be driving up there
after all huh" and then he said something really weird like
long after we had been talking about that, hes like "well i
guess it's good cus you can go be with your family and get
your mom settled and then when youre done with school you
can move wherever we want" and wasnt sure if i heard him
right and i was like "yeah well i was guna move when i was
done anyway".... what the hell. i had a long discussion
with my mom on the way home about how i would never marry
this kid and why... but we'll drift apart when i leave and
he'll be fine.

i got the sweetest picture of me and my baby girl, i
couldnt wait to get it developed. i blew it up and its
hanging on the back of tetris's cage where i can see it all
the time.

i have to register tomorrow, which im excited about but who
knows if i'll even be going to classes here next semester.
my mom is almost over the edge and i would go just to get
the fuck out of here. im still debating whether to take 5
classes or 4... if i take 5, i have 3 in session A, if i
have 4 i have 4...

i guess shes going to DC in january to help david move back
to orlando. thats nice. she should live with him. this
is her chance! january 5th is close enough to say i got
what i wanted for christmas.

im going to bed. back to work tomorrow. hope its still
fun or i may just not register and leave now. its so


its rock paper scissors as to whether i will get over you
at all. its hand against hand, and both hands are mine.