will they get us

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2003-12-03 02:36:47 (UTC)


well okay, im here...its 6:33 and im really bored and
tired. my dad picked up the phone, being the nimrod that he
is and i was kicked off..."whoo"
um...today was pretty much the same as any other day...in
english i had to do my presentation for andy warhol, and i
sucked like hell, if that even makes sense. haha...um and
then michelle invited that new kid leo to eat with us, and
he came for a while, but then michelles weird stupid
friends came and scared him away haha. now shes all mad,
cos apparently hes er.."hott" haha. so tomorrow shes gonna
invite him to eat with us again, but in a different place
so that those weird friends of hers wont come by..well its
not that theyre weird, its just theyre really er...i dunno
just weird i guess, but i think weird is kinda like a
compliment towards them, theyre just the same as everyone
else i guess, and maybe thats what annoys me...
my sister and i went to old town covina and we found this
weird punk record store place, it was pretty strange, but
it was "cool" though im not the punkish type, it seems too
much like a fashion than it should be...i always thought it
was about being heard about the whole government thing, and
all these little girls and boys run around not knowing what
the definition of "punk" is...god maybe i dont even know...
right now im home and i think im gonna go play soul calibur
II. its been a lovely first entry, and i hope that i wont
give up on it..this site does seem a little plain...but
melodramatic was too strange...

with glee,


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