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2003-12-03 01:22:19 (UTC)

Kinda feel like crap, but not really...

let me elaborate on that. I've done so much fun stuff with
in the last week on a daily basis that I think it's just
about been exhausted. Well now Chris and Tim are not
hanging with me simply because we've done it all. We had a
little conversation about how "Tim you're limiting us."
That felt uncomfortable all the way through. Went to the
Art Museum with father though, we took some pics outside of
the town as well. There was an exhibit of pictures. Black
and white. Some old, some quite new. The only bad thing is
that we were only there for about 50 minutes. He kept
rushing since we parked on the street and only had 2 hours

Well anyway, I need a full time job as usual, with
benefits. There is dullness in the air and I cannot escape
it right now, it's so hot, and I want chocolate.

I started looking into computer terminology, and how to get
the right computer for me. I wanna do alot of stuff with it
in the future. Stuff like music downloads, video design,
photography, writing, internet that kinda stuff. Mostly I
think I just need a heck of a lot of memory, a good
scanner, and a burner. Then I just need to learn how to
operate it. I got to thinking I should, get this, build my
own. This site lead me to believe I could. Then I just
realized that what they meant by that is tell someone what
do you want to use the computer for, they tell you how much
it costs, and ship it to you. Which is plan B as soon as I
get enough cash.

I'm starting my dvd collection of classic movies. I saw
Jackyll and Hyde yesterday at Walgreens and couldn't resist
a classic. I finally found out what that whole thing is all
about. Inspired me to go to the library and get the classic
book. Along with the invisible man, and the picture of
dorian grey. I gotta get a place I can hang outside of the
house on a daily basis, alone. When it's dark and gloomy. I
need to be outside more. Especially when it's so freaking
stuffy in here.

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