Nick's Journal
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2003-12-03 00:45:04 (UTC)

Chewbacca needs to stop being such an ass-pirate

there's this guy in my international finance class who
constantly chews on his nails. i mean i've seen this shit
before but this is just nasty. he's seriously treating
his fingers as a fucking 10 course meal. i mean there's
not even that much nail left on his pudgy hand so what in
god's name is he still chewing at? what's worse is that
he his friends with the hot girl in finance (one of only
two). basically she's friends with him cos he's in the
frat that she hangs out with, and boy is that fuckign
annoying. shit, i would be content with glancing at her
once in a while, but every fucking time i look over i see
chewbacca (cos he's always chewing) going to town on his
anyhow it's getting colder than a lawyer's heart out there
and i'm starting to bundle the fuck up, which i rather
enjoy, i don't know whwat it is about cold weather, it is
just invigorating. anyhow i'm really fucking annoyed by
those skinny guys that still walk around with short
sleeves and shorts. come on guys, what's this shit? we
know you're cold! i'll hvae you know htat i have a midget
living in my pants that hoists my cock on his shoulder
whenever i take a piss, but i don't feel the need to show
this off by dressing like a hooker in 30 degree weather.
well now it is exam time and people are freaking out
again, as always in my major, people realize just now that
thye don't know a damn thing. actually it's quite
entertaining to listen to them prattle on and on about
what they don't know. the best is when they completely
freak out because they realize that they're never going to
comprehend it anyways and they probably shouldn't have
relied on the final to salvage their grade. man, htis one
girl today was losing her shit as no amount of review was
able to pull her out of her hole of stupidity. i kind of
felt bad for her, i mean she looked so eager for each new
attempt the teacher made at explaining it to her. but
every explanation was just another rope that snapped and
caused her to fall back into her hole of being a dumb
bitch, growing ever longer, just making each fall harder.
speaking of hopeless causes i have given up on eating on
campus. i got myself some fetuccine alfredo the other day
because it's one of my favorite meals, and boy did that
suck ass. it's kinda like seeing a chick with a hot body
then seeing her hideous face. it looks too good to be
true and then it is.
i'm really fucking tired. so now is not the best time to
approach me with the question of, "why did you decide to
live on cammpus?" first of all i didn't. second of all
here's the reason why i would. cos there's nothing like
jerking off to the beautiful view of a girl's room who
left her light on, blinds up and is changing in front of
the window, thinking that for some reason you can't see up
into the third floor. i love being able to masturbate on
the way to my room so that i don't have to do it on dave's

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