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2003-12-03 00:33:57 (UTC)

The battle lines are being drawn

Well, though I'm doing my utmost to remain aloof from "he
said, she said" that seems to be constantly going on at
work, I have to admit I've drawn some personal lines. I
don't necessarily dislike any of the checkers. I don't
know or speak with Judy or Noleen enough to have an honest
opinion of them, and none of those I have worked with are
really that bad. Sure, they may have their moments, but I
usually don't notice. After all, I'm the new guy. I
don't want to be pissing off people who have been there
for 15 years.

However, though I didn't necessarily want to, I have
played favorites. As I said, I don't dislike any of the
cashiers, but I do like two more than the rest. Those are
Roda and Kim. Kim because she was nice, friendly, and
didn't give me a hard time or anything when I first
started working there; and Roda because--well--she's
Roda. Suffice it to say, we're a lot alike.

I may have hit some turbulence with Julia. She's a great
person--or at least she seems that way to me--but when she
found out about my atheism, things got a little rough. I
don't know if she considers herself Xian, but she is one
of those non-denominational followers of God. Personally,
I think those kind of people are just too lazy to actually
attend and become a member of a regular church. Of
course, it could just be that some of them are too smart
for the organized religion bull shit, but not ready to
give up the popular version of worship totally, so they
just kind of hang in limbo between member and apostate. I
did that for a little while, but then I never really cared
enough about God to question wether or not he exists. If
he's there, cool. If not, oh well. He's never done
anything truly amazing for me or in my life, so I don't
see why I should concern myself with him when I obviously
mean so little in his mind.

Anyway, Julia got to debating with me, and--true to myself-
-I couldn't think of anything on the spot to refute the
points she raised. Don't you just love it when that
happens? I know I have the knowledge to convince her of
the legitimacy of my views, but I just cannot gain access
to it when I need it. I had to go out and get carts, and
of course then everything I was trying to think of came to
me. When I went back in, there were customers, so I
couldn't continue the discussion, and after that it was
basically over anyway. However, on the bagging counter
was a small piece of paper with a smilie face and the
words "Smile, God loves you" written on it. I'd been
trying to be nice, but when I saw this note I just
couldn't resist. I flipped it over, drew the exact same
smilie face, and wrote "Smile, Mithras loves you." I
don't think she understood it, but that's not very
surprising. Xianity has done a pretty good job of
destroying the readily available information on religions
they borrowed from while creating their own deity. She
did at least understand that it was a rebuttal of some

I didn't have to work with her today, and I doubt I will
tomorrow. I'm not sure what's going to happen next time
we have to work together, but I'm not too worried. Like I
said, I know I have the knowledge to adequately explain
the legitimacy of my position, and this time I'll be ready
for it.

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