nicky is dead
2003-12-02 23:58:43 (UTC)

Ham and Turkey

Ham is gross. Turkey is goooood. Yum... Well, I got home
from school and I should be doing my laundry... but I'm
not. Oh well... School was... eh. I had band and I swear I
was going to throw up... I thought things would be fine
before I left band but then Jacob attacked me... with a
hug. =( Brandi said that I like that he likes me... well,
maybe I do... Is that so wrong? =D Anyways.... my most
favorite teacher ever was subbing for my History class and
during history, I have to take a stupid pre-test for the
highschool exit exam. Eh. Who cares? I cheated, anyways.
In math I got 50% on my quiz... Eh. I have time to do
better, right?
And I just told my ex, Mike, happy birthday since he's
18 on Thursday (wow, I remembered). That's a big step
up... I'm being nice even though it still hurts. Oh well.
There are more dead bodies in the earth, right? I used
dead bodies instead of fish because 1) there are a lot of
dead bodies in the earth... and 2) fish suck... especially
the sloppy ones. =D Well... I don't know. What's next?
Cheese tastes good... And yeah. I don't know. If
something cool happens, I'll be in touch.


Music: Coheed =p!
Mood: Not sure...