Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2003-12-02 06:54:49 (UTC)

Whats comming next?

It wasn't too long ago, and I learned how to play
magic. I guess I was tired of my friends playing it without
me. I'm sure I'll make a deck of my own someday. Yeah, just
now I made my diary private. I think one of Astrids'
friends read an entry that might upset someone. Ugh... I
honestly don't get why everyone thinks its such a big deal!
I already made my choice of being with her for as long as
I'm alive.
If we separate...well thats ok... I mean shes the girl
of my dreams. But if we weren't meant for each other, I
won't stand against it. Actually to tell the truth, I'd do
anything possible to stay with her! ...I'd even go so far
as killing myself. I've got to be and look my absolute best
for when we meet in person. There is a chance of it being
difficult for use to get use to it though. But I'm not
worried about that. I'm spending my money on her presents
for Chirstmas and birthday! It'll be a good investment I
hope. I just want to make her happy.
Yeah, well I love her! I'm so lucky. Its going to be
one harsh winter here. I hope we'll survive. It should be
ok as long as we have a nice fire to keep us warm. You get
what you deserve though. So you know.... there should be a
lot of amazing things over the horizon for me! :) My cousin
linett or however you spell her name was over all weekend.
And I don't like that because JC and my brother treat her
like a queen. _ Not me though I keep her at an arms
distance. By the way, my pro-carbine came in the mail
finally after all this time!! It's a beautiful gun. Its
worthy of its title.
I'm still a pervert! I know Astrids cup size now...
lol Well she claims herself being a pervert too so I guess
we can call it even. She knows the size of my penis so
yeah. Ah... I brought her up again! lol Shes always on my
mind. Well better go before I say something else stupid.