the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-02 04:41:10 (UTC)

im excited

wooooooooo im excited i have an online diary and you dont!
well you might lol. anywayz my day was swell. school was
stupid and boring as usual. so i come home go online as
usual. oh yeah i took a quiz today which showed that im 60%
severely addicted to AIM. oh well who cares. sooooooo then
at about 7:30 i hear rocks being thrown at my window (small
ones) and i see my ex outside the dude lives in PA he just
pops out of nowhere. seriously hes scary. well we had a
nice chat in his car while blasting godsmack on the radio.
i love hanging with him hes kool, and so perfect. ok im
shutting up now. i actually managed to "be good" tonight
though! 10 points for Diana! woo hoo. yeah we had a good
talk. blah. what the hell am i supposed to do?? who knows
life sux. i wish life werent so complicated and confusing.
i would tell what im confused about but the specific person
is prolly gonna read this. Fuck. well thats all in the
exciting life of Diana c y'all later! ~Diana~

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