Th3 VoiCe Unl3aSheD
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2003-12-02 04:15:05 (UTC)

thoughts....jus let to wander...

thnx to mark for showing me where i could find this. i
appreciate it.

i need a place on the computer where i can jus kinda let my
thoughts wander....thats why i needed yea...its
jus my thoughts wandering...

i was late for school today....yay like i care. i jus
missed english...easiest freakin course ever. im very bored
with school. it used to be interesting at some point. now
its kinda jus...there...and its like we pretend to
learn...but we arent really learning anymore...we jus sit
in class and listen to a teacher yak about sumthin we could
literally give two shits about. itself sux
too. the people are jus so boring or so ridiculous i dont
want anything to do with them....dont get me wrong. i love
my friends...its everyone else...that get caught up in
meaningless trivial bullshit that irritate me.

enough complaining for now...i guess. ever notice the
closer we get to an important commercialized HAPPY
holiday...ppl seem to get more bitter and mean and
well...jus downright rude? duznt make sense.

love is a screwed up thing eh? i love my boyfriend. he
loves me. but i kno theres ppl out there in fucked up
situations right love triangles and such. i hate
to sound like a bitch...but if someone doesnt love ya
back..get over it. if u break up wit someone...get over it
and dont be fuckin bitter. ppl that cant let go are really
kinda...well they jus need to find a hobby. i understand it
hurts. but the more u allow urself to hurt the longer its
gonna take to get over it. dont bottle it up...jus throw it
away. pain is a useless feeling wen it comes to dating,
relationships and such. it is necessary to feel for
literally 2 minutes and then you should be done with it. i
dunno...ive mastered this skill of moving on...y dont other
ppl? then there wouldnt be these crazy stalker situations
ya kno? rambling.

i honestly cant get enough of ppl who kno how to make light
of life's little mishaps. i love ppl who can jus move thru
life being happy...or at least friendly all the time. they
seem to jus brighten everythin up. but only wen theyre
genuine. like my only gonna name a
few...nicknames only of course Bo, *happy green eyed girl*
(u know who u r) Batman, and a few various other ppl are
usually pretty upbeat. i love these ppl. lol even wen
theyre upset bout sumthin...they usually have a smile to
offer someone else. u guys rule. keep it up.

newayz. i think ive said enough for now. im sure a few ppl
are irritated with sumthin i said. meh. oh well. ive got
enuf ppl who hate me...wuts another few gonna do?