Just Another Day In Paradise
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2003-12-02 03:38:09 (UTC)


What an excellent day! I stayed awake in first and that
always means that my day will go well. Today was my baby's
birthday! He's such an old man, I got to visit him and eat
dinner with him! Sooo much fun! Today I got to see Ollie
Butt, it's been a while since I talked to her...since
Turkey Day! Oh man on the way home from Greenville we
stopped to see this house that has tons of Christmas
lights...the man lets you walk around and see
everything..soo much work put into something soo beautiful
that will make so many smile! My own little Winter
Wonderland! Oh man, I love Christmas...all the smiles! And so much giving and
celebrating! I'm in the volunteer mood, I'll definately
have to find some place to help out! It's a month until my
birthday! Sweet 16...Oh man I'm doing the one thing I
always dreaded....growing up...eek! Jason was moved to
varsity...he's soo excited..he gets to play in Orlando next
week..I hope my uncle goes to see him..he'll be so excited!
If he stays on varsity he won't be coming home for
Christmas....:( GULP...something so good for him is going
to hurt quite a few...but I'm glad he's happy! My short
term excitement: Tomorrow there is a Tucker Creek band
concert in the Performing Arts Center...I love band
concerts! And this will be my first time in the Performing
Arts Center! I can't wait..I get to see my Christopher!!
YAY!!!! (he loves me) I hope it will be an excellent week!
It's starting out great!

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