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2003-12-01 22:47:25 (UTC)

witness (UTM)

you show her love
and she witnesses it

the flower stomped by the boot
pedals of beauty, and yellow..turned black and blue
her eyes bleed the suffer

obsession you held gripping the life out of an angel
she witnesses
down the stairs
across the room
the house where people do fly
you never seemed pleased
nor satisfied
pressing for more of what you wanted
her mind recorded over and over

passion you held as you release the beast
she witnesses
run a-ways
your word the law of no escape
her eyes bleed the suffer

pleasure you get while piercing the skin with metal
taking pride away from the small six
shes felt
overpowerment, laughter, jokes upon her
her body feels the suffer
mind recorder over and over

your plea of love
for that love is what she knows of