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2003-12-01 22:43:25 (UTC)

key hole (UTM)

im sorry my dear we will never be alone

you may never understand, the darkness is an embedded
its not of complication but always immence hesitation
trust shy of whole heartedly, but you dont feel the guilt
the guilt of heavy degree

please can you cover the key hole
i swear there is someone looking in
no matter whom im with or what i do its always with me and
im disgusted with-in

my body may carry with instant moment
followed by questions of consent
two will be one
my mind will want to break the chains to run
you could be all ive ever wanted
forgive me
im sorry
im haunted

im sorry my dear we will never be alone

star is matte searching for a glow
wishing for something
i cant explain to myself for i dont know