Visions Of Life
2003-12-01 17:50:26 (UTC)


Yay! It is finally December! Half of my christmas
decorations are up. Next weekend I am buying a new
christmas tree and various other things. I am starting to
turn into my mother tho. I make my husband hang up lights
and I buy Martha Steward christmas items. Lol. I love this
time of year. I love buying presents as well.

Tyler was so adorable. He has a jar of change that he saves
for toys for himself. He cashed in the jar over the weekend
and when our mom asked him what he wanted to buy, he said
he wanted to buy a christmas present for his sister. So he
did pick out a present for me all by himself. I have no
idea what it is. I know he wanted to buy me a napkin ring
but changed his mind. He is so adorable!

Tyler gets his tonsils out on thursday. He hasnt been told
out it yet but somehow he knows. He was playing doctor with
our mom, using his toy dog as a patient. My mom was the
doctor and asked what was wrong with the dog. He said that
the dogs tonsils hurt and that they needed to be taken out
so he would feel better.

Steve is not a big fan of the holidays and hasnt been since
his father passed away, but my childlike glee gets to him
and he is even a little bit excited. I am on a huge
furniture buying spree. Next weekend is the new
entertainment center and hopefully we will get our new