baby pink
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2003-12-01 02:09:20 (UTC)

ma new life

well where do i start..... just sat and read ma last
entries in here and thought bout how much ma life has
changed and how much i have grew up..... it seemes strange
to b reading it
its feels like im reading some ones elses diary, like pri
ing into someone elses life not lookin at my own... im not
even the same wee girl ne more, and brian aint the same wee
guy anymore.... its sad really

Im not with him ne more .. we split while back.... felt
like the wrong thing at the time but now.... im not sure i
still miss him but people say its just because i was used
to him and that i had to remember how badly he treated me
and how many tears i shed over him all those lonely nites i
spent waitin on him.....

But i cant all i can see is happy times ....
there fadin now
and so am i

xXx BaBy PiNk xXx