a poetic Heartº
2003-11-30 20:13:44 (UTC)


Tonight I felt a pjain so unreal and compelling that left
me voiceless and with a dark void in my heart.
Friends family and loved ones in my life have passed and i
couldnt be bothered until i heard that my love for you was
more than equalled but topped by another. The name was not
asked for for because i know who it is. I feel as though
his love for you is breaking me down. Before you I had no
one in my life no one to love no one to talk to and now
that i know your love i could not bear to live without it.
and how could his ability to deal with losing you has
proven to me that my love for you is stronger, because i
could not do the same. Yet my body nor heart has the
strength left to compete with others anymore. What i set
out to sat in this letter was not said not by mistake but
because the human vocabulay lacks the words to describe
my love for you. I am sorry for all the pain I have caused
you, for you do not deserve the way that i have treated you
the past few days. I now realize my mistakes and rest
assured i will not allow myself to ever act dishonorable
towards you ever again. before I end this i want to say
that i will prove my love for you is more, true, and pure
than anyone elses could ever be.

I love you

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