Self harming dyke
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2003-11-30 14:23:51 (UTC)


Oops didn't realise how long it had been since I last wrote!

I have finished my placement in school and had a really
amazing time and really don't want to have to leave, but I
suppose the next one will be great too...

I ended up with stitches the other week. I have only cut
once in the past month, and it was really as a result of an
awful lesson. I can't go into details cos lesson is over
now and I have moved on from there, but the cutting was
very deep. The hospital tried to admit me, but I made
excuses and left. I just wanted to be looked after and
stitched up.

Have seen psychiatrist twice and he is pretty crap, but he
has referred me for psychology so maybe that will be useful.

I have to write an essay now, so can't say any more.

Will probably write more later.

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