Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-11-29 14:56:23 (UTC)

Looking Up, Rejoice?

Anyone who has been following my diary with a close eye on
my mental state may well be appalled. I have to stay happy
to get through what is not an easy time for me, I HAVE to
look to the future which might be better.

Any catharsis, anything I should be ashamed of but aren't,
is...too bad. I resolved to myself that there was no point
having a diary and not being true to myself in it, and
though I haven't put some of the less good things in it,
its because once they were forgotten they were over. At
least for me.

So where now? Two places. The Bean Tree, the first course
book. And throwing loot into a skip. Found my picture of
Dido today. I'll hang it tomorrow.

WILT? Illustration Musicale - King Of Woolworths. I don't
like it as much as I did Ming Star, but I keep putting it
on from time to time.