"Day-z H"
2003-11-28 23:32:33 (UTC)

"Thanksgiving Update" November 28th, 2003

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. The night before it I got
drunk, and got sick. Joy! Almost was a smart move.
Anyways. Freedom, me, David F., and Shawn T. went to my
parent's house for Thanksgiving. My brother Jesse and his
two friends Matt M. and Matt C. were there. Damn there was
a lot of food. We ate then watched a movie...so it wasn't
to whole family thing, which was fun. Don't get my wrong I
like family things, but everyone would of felt outta place
I would think. Then we took Shawn back to his place. Came
back home. Freedom, me, and David ended up going to
Westplains. Went to Wal-mart, then out to eat. Why anyone
was even hungry I dunno, as much food as there was at my
parents. So I suppose Thanksgiving turned out pretty good.
25th was my bf's b-day. Now he is 22. We ended up the
weekend before though celebrating, because his birthday
was a school night for me. We ended up going to each of
the bars in town. I hope he had a good time. Maia is
suppose to be down now. She still hasn't stopped by yet,
though I figure she is sleeping today from getting up
early. I can't wait to see her. I bet she looks cute
prego., she is probably nothing but belly. Anyways suppose
that is about it for now.