Used n Abused
2003-11-28 04:57:51 (UTC)

BLOWn away cant take it

Yea happy thanksgivin and all that shit. Marvin broke up
with me around 9:17 or something. thats
alright. but im kinda pissed. he made me look like a idiot.
that fucker. I should of never broke up with Joseph. jesus
im depressed right now,not because of MARVIN just i dunno,
i tried to call joseph but he didnt answer the phone. i
need to talk to him. and britt and jenn went to the
movies that leaves me alone at home with mom. and moms
in her i dunno im sad. i need someone to talkt o.
i talked to charity a min but she was at angies and she
didnt talk really. she said i call you when i go home im
gonna leave in a lil bit.i cant take it. i just wanna be
happy. too much to ask for i guess?? i dunno please
feedback. i probally wont get none.. nO ONE READS MY STUPID
FUCKING DIARY anyways.. im gonna go byebye god bless love
always Lauren "RalPH lAUrElL"
USeD n AbuSed~~!!!