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2003-11-28 01:45:39 (UTC)


im a little drunk well a lot we played drinking games my
mom aunt cousin and his girlfriend... after margaritas and
jello shots we played for like 2 hours. it was so much fun
but i am seriously shit faced and i have to wake up at 4 to
go shopping and sunday is going to come too too fast and
i'll have to go back to hell........speaking of which.....
i wrote her an email but i unsent it because im upset now
that fucking nasty whore shouldnt be with MY family today
that makes me want to VOMIT and i was afraid she would be
there and i just had to call him and find out but uggghhh i
thought i would puke when he told me that who the fuck does
she think she is doesnt she have family here her fucking
mother or something i want to puke, fuck her and her big
disgusting ass, i dont hate many people but i can think of
3 right now, my grand parents and her and i want to just
HURT them all for ever sliming their ways into MY LIFE and
i could just go crazy right now and god i just whatever.
im so fucking over it. im sick of hearing that she doesnt
care about her and that she drives her crazy because thats
a bunch of bullshit and ive been believing her for too
long, its not just the money and ive been disillusioning
myself into believing it so that its easier but im fucking
over it i swear to god mark my fucking words. and im
moving to indiana im tired of it and i honestly have no
reason to stay there when im so unhappy and lonely and
nothings going anywhere in my personal life all i have is
school and work and i can do that here just as easily and
be with my family and i dont even care if i dont meet
anyone again that i can love because its a bunch of
bullshit i knew she would end up with her the minute that
fat fucking whore stepped into our little world and i was
right and it makes me sick to my stomach that she fucking
won my girl from me and im leaving, our lease is up in june
and i want to get the fuck out of the town it has caused
nothing but pain to me since i moved there im done with it
and im certainly done with him and now its time to be done
with her too because i cant feel like this anymore whether
i deserve it or not, i loved her and i love her and that is
not important so fuck it and fuck them both im done i
shouldnt have even sent that email cus i knew that dirty
slut would be there i knew it and im coming here i'll just
be with my family and get knocked up when i want my baby
and im just fucking done with it, thats MY family she has
no right to be there and i honestly think im going to be
sick over it and everything i said in that email is not
going to be said now because ive had enough of feeling
foolish and it makes no difference, im done. d o n e done.

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